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Christmas in the Seychelles: the magic of a tropical wonderland While some people are heading northwards to experience a snowy winter wonderland this December, others are shrugging off the thought of zero temperatures and heading to the Seychelles islands for a warmer Christmas experience, with better plans for dips in the warm Indian Ocean and frolics in the sand as part of a family holiday or a couple’s romantic retreat.
Gardens of Eden: choosing an island, your own piece of paradise The Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean have for many centuries been a source of wonder to explorers for their unique natural beauty, so pristine and untouched as they had remained uninhabited by humans until the French built a colony in 1754.
Seychelles: A safe haven for offshore investment opportunities Investors looking for offshore investment opportunities in a stable political and economic climate have shown interest in the Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean in recent months.

Seychelles has worked to attract visitors beyond the usual sun, sea and sand holidays in its pristine azure waters and idyllic palm beach settings, by becoming an unparalleled secure location for business and investment.

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Estate Living Eden Island was recently featured in Estate Living Magazine. Click the link below to read the full article.

Estate Living Magazine: Eden Island Marina Seychelles

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Sailing life is the Eden Life “15 minutes after landing and getting my luggage at Seychelles International Airport, I arrive at my Maison on Eden Island. 10 minutes later, I am in my shorts and walk out the front veranda and hop onto my boat, setting sail for the Sainte Anne National Marine Park. This is my life in Seychelles. Sailing life is the Eden life.” (Sean, 53, homeowner on Eden Island)
Living in Seychelles: I love the ocean, the outdoor lifestyle and simplicity of the islands South African tourism professional Justin Arenhold has been working in the hospitality industry for 28 years, spanning a career in South Africa, the UK, Mallorca in Spain and the Seychelles. Originally working in Relais & Châteaux hotels, then working as deputy General Manager of Cape Grace in Cape Town, General Manager at North Island Resort, Seychelles, and Resident Manager of the Taj Palace Hotel, Cape Town, he joined Eden Island Development Company in Seychelles in 2014 as Business Development Manager of the Eden Island Luxury Accommodation arm of its operations.

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Building Utopia Eden Island is not just an island with pretty houses, it is a concept for a healthier, more nature-oriented way of life.

When Sir Thomas More wrote his revolutionary socio-political satire ‘Utopia,’ he could not have imagined that near perfect island communities would be built five hundred years later as man-made islands, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Miami, Long Beach California, Bahrain and the Seychelles.

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Secrets of the Seychelles Seychelles was the focus in the travel section of the renowned BBC Travel website recently and a glimpse of the aerial view of Eden Island was included.

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Falling in love with the Seychelles South african born building contractor Kez Taylor has been based in Dubai for 15 years. Kez and his wife fell in love with the Seychelles 22 years ago and bought a villa on Eden Island recently.

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SWIM ‘N’ WORK Janette Powell is British businesswoman from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. She came with her partner John to the Seychelles on a business trip in 2003. They decided to set up an office as a corporate service provider in the Seychelles, to offer international business and financial services.