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Gardens of Eden: choosing an island, your own piece of paradise

The Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean have for many centuries been a source of wonder to explorers for their unique natural beauty, so pristine and untouched as they had remained uninhabited by humans until the French built a colony in 1754.

In 1811 the British took control of Seychelles and the renowned British General Charles Gordon visited Praslin Island in 1881 where he was amazed by the beauty of the forest of the Vallee de Mai, which he declared must be the original Garden of Eden, as described in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Today the forest is a UNESCO World Heritage site and draws thousands of visitors, who come to appreciate the Coco de Mer nut and various flora and fauna in this enchanting garden.

Since his time, countless other visitors have called the Seychelles islands their ‘Eden’ or the closest to paradise on earth, primarily due to the marvellous combination of green luscious vegetation, year-round sunshine and superb white-sand beaches with crystal clear azure waters.

Buying a property on one of the islands is a dream choice for many visitors who have found their piece of paradise in the Seychelles. The luxury residential marina development Eden Island is their first port of call to view a variety of properties which can be purchased at prices varying from $455,000 for an Apartment, $795,000 for a Maison and $2,950,000 for a Villa.

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A real island?

Many may wonder whether Eden Island is a ‘real’ naturally formed island, simply because of the abundance of its vegetation. It is indeed man-made, but Nature has taken over and made this into a true Garden of Eden.

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It took some years for the sand pile to grow a beautiful tropical garden, which is carefully cared for by a team of 60 gardeners sculpting a luscious natural habitat. Birds thrive here and their song brings life to this incredible man-made ecosystem.

With frequent rain showers of the Seychelles’ tropical climate, the gardens of Eden Island are always in bloom, all year round, giving the vegetation a radiance which digital photography cannot do justice to.

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Each homeowner has their own electric buggy, and while driving around to explore the island one is struck by the greenery of the vegetation lining the roads and the approaches to the homes.

The island’s pathways lead to 4 private beaches; Anse Bernitier, Anse Bernik, Anse Bigorno and Anse Tec Tec, as well as a small cove called Cocotier Cove. All of these white-sanded beaches are wonderful for snorkelling, kayaking and paddle-boarding.

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These private beaches offer the Eden Island resident the seclusion and safety of their sunbathing and swimming pleasure, when the residents don’t feel like leaving the island. While many choose to explore the incredible beaches of Mahé island, those that wish to relax within a short walk of their property can do so. These beaches are also a perfect place for sundowner cocktails or a romantic walk at sunset, or even some stargazing at night.

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When you decide to leave Eden Island to explore the main island of Mahé, you can explore 5 beautiful gardens and enjoy their fruits and scents, including the National Botanical Gardens.

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