Island Life

Sometimes referred to as the 116th island in the Seychelles archipelago, Eden Island is truly a unique destination. This immaculate development was built on a reclaimed reef of dead coral, just a few hundred metres off the coast of Mahé. The style of island life here is characterised by a harmonious balance of comfort and convenience, in one of the world’s most picturesque settings.

Considering that the majority of Seychelles’ islands are protected, it’s no surprise that high-end property for sale is limited in this country. That’s what makes this luxurious estate such a gem. It comprises spectacular homes, and a world-class deep-water marina that’s equipped to house even super yachts of up to 100m in length.

Life on Eden Island

The development is renowned for it’s exquisite freehold title homes, and the lifestyle it offers makes for an unforgettable Seychelles experience. Those staying on Eden Island can make use of an array of private amenities that enable them to enjoy the finest features of this beautiful location. From secluded beaches to a fully equipped clubhouse and gym, this estate is an unparalleled island retreat.

Fine Living in Seychelles

Being so close in proximity to the country’s capital, Victoria, puts Eden Island in the cultural hub of Seychelles. This means that it’s near to the international airport, and visitors from around the world take pleasure in using the development’s general amenities, including the marina.

While the luxury Apartments, Maisons and Villas each have their own private moorings nearby, the international marina is the only one of its kind in Seychelles. This facility is the ideal place from which to embark on any number of island adventures. The clear waters surrounding Eden Island offer outstanding opportunities for snorkelling, diving and sailing. What’s more, some of the most beautiful beaches on earth are just a short boat ride away – not to mention the four beautiful private beaches on Eden Island itself.

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