Eden Island is located just off the coast of Mahè, home to the Seychelles capital of Victoria. A bridge connects Eden Island to the main island, where the international airport is a mere 10-minutes drive away. This luxury marina development is over 56 hectares in size, and has 16 hectares of private waterways, which provide residents with direct access to their residential properties.

The Eden Island Marina was built in conjunction with the Eden Island property development. It is a deep water marina located on the south western shore of Eden Island, between the island and Mahè. It is capable of handling super yachts of up to 100m in length, offering residents and visitors state-of-the-art facilities complemented by professional mooring services.

Seychelles Islands Marina

The Eden Island Marina provides sheltered berthing during all seasons. This international deep-water marina is very popular with super yacht owners and is in close proximity with surrounding tropical islands such as Praslin and La Digue. Those who own property on Eden Island automatically qualify for a private mooring on the island, while there are plenty of other yacht moorings in the marina available for guests and visitors.  

Residential properties for sale on Eden Island include luxury apartments, spacious maisons and private villas. These are styled according to the Seychelles vernacular architecture, which emphasises large verandas, spacious rooms and very few boundaries between inside and outside.

A residential island with private beaches, a shopping district and international super yacht marina, Eden Island was developed with luxury in mind. Click through the apartment, maison  or villa listings to view available property on Eden Island or fill in the on-page contact form to receive further information.

Mooring in the Eden Island Marina
Eden Island provides home owners with an international yacht marina that is capable of handling super yachts of up to 100m in length. Mooring is available either at the Eden Island Marina or in 16 hectares of private waterways for residents of the island’s apartments, maisons and villas. Properties are sold under title deed ownership, and owners and their families are entitled to apply for residency in the Seychelles. View Eden Island property listings or fill in the on-page contact form to receive further information.
Yachting Vacations

Situated outside the cyclone belt and blessed with moderate swells and tides, Eden Island Seychelles offers favourable year-round conditions for cruising yachts and leisure craft. A yachting vacation can yield opportunities for water sports and activities such as fishing, diving, snorkelling or kayaking.

The Seychelles islands are just an easy direct flight away from London, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Johannesburg and other large cities. By investing in a residential property in the marina development on Eden Island, you can enjoy yachting vacations in the land of perpetual summer.

In addition to hosting numerous annual sailing races, the Seychelles flourishes with ocean life and offers ample opportunity for fly fishing and deep-sea fishing. Scuba or deep-sea dive and explore the rainbow colours of marine life, or skim along the surface on kayaks or sailing boats. Experience the beauty of the Indian Ocean and its island archipelago via a deep-sea fishing trip or short cruise, which will showcase the surrounding isles.

A popular destination nearby is the island of Praslin, which is also home to the coco de mer trees in the Vallée de Mai – one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Seychelles. The second-largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, Praslin, hosts a large variety of fish in its clear island waters, many flocks of birds and ancient jungle trees inland.

La Digue is another must-see destination owing to its postcard-perfect beaches. Anse Source d’Argent has been voted numerous times one of the ‘best beaches in the world‘ and is also one of the most photographed beaches, featuring in numerous travel magazines and travel programmes. L’Union Estate, which is a national heritage site, hosts many pristine beaches, along with an enormous granite boulder formation that was formed approximately 750 million years ago.

Both of these islands and many others are easily accessible from the Eden Island Marina, which has moorings open for reservation to guests and visitors to Seychelles. Residents on Eden Island automatically qualify for a mooring in the private waterways that form part of this world class marina development.

Island marina property

Eden Island marina property ranges from 88m² to 1 000m² in size, and includes one to three-bedroom apartments, three to four-bedroom maisons and two to six-bedroom villas. Each property comes complete with full air-conditioning, a washing machine, tumble dryer, oven and hob, dishwasher and refrigerator. Marina property owners are encouraged to make use of the Electrically Powered Vehicles (EPVs) that are included in every package, and which are useful for navigating the marina development.

Property interiors have been inspired by the landscapes and seas of the Seychelles. Finishes include a choice of Sand, Shell and Rock themes for the apartments and maisons, and Pearl, Coral and Granite themes for the villas. Furniture ranges, including audio visual equipment and objects d’art, are available according to distinct themes that are unique yet complement the tropical surroundings.

Buy one of the marina properties for sale and receive a mooring in the private waterways on Eden Island or in the international deep water marina, which is located on the island’s south western shore. Those who invest in a marina apartment, marina villa or marina duplex or maison on Eden Island gain freehold title ownership. You can make Eden Island your home as all owners and their families are entitled to apply for residency of the Seychelles.

Island marina mooring facilities

The Seychelles has long been a destination of choice among sailors and pleasure seekers from all around the world. It is a safe cyclone free area and offers year round sailing conditions. The archipelago is made up of 116 islands which combine breathtaking natural beauty with the warm climate and clean Indian Ocean.

As a deep-water, international marina, Eden Island Marina is capable of mooring super yachts of up to 100m in length. It is one of a few island marinas around the world that can handle super yachts. This gives residents and visitors the pleasure of exploring the Seychelles and discovering islands which are rich with mountains, forests and untouched beaches.

Bring a yacht or super yacht to the Eden Island Marina and enjoy amenities that include electricity, fresh water, cable and sullage removal, as well as re-fuelling, plumbing and pumping. Shore-side facilities include restaurants and bars, a commercial precinct and club house, swimming pool access and Electrically Powered Vehicles (EPVs).

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