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Building Utopia

Eden Island is not just an island with pretty houses, it is a concept for a healthier, more nature-oriented way of life.

When Sir Thomas More wrote his revolutionary socio-political satire ‘Utopia,’ he could not have imagined that near perfect island communities would be built five hundred years later as man-made islands, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Miami, Long Beach California, Bahrain and the Seychelles.

Maybe without the stringent social controls of More’s ideal island, these are never-the-less islands with impressive designs aimed at creating an unique lifestyle. Among them, Eden Island in the Seychelles is out of this world. The project is the brainchild of Craig Heeger, a South African investor, who together with South African and Austrian partners entered into an agreement with the Seychelles government to develop the reclaimed island which had been built between 2000 and 2005 as part of the East Coast Development Project by the Seychelles Government. Eden Island Development Company then transformed the island with an investment of over US$500 million.

EI Marina 04 2016 copy

The residential marina is a Seychelles success story. In ten years it has grown an incredible tropical garden. There are small alleys that feel like a virgin forest. The beaches are superb. You can see hawksbill turtles swimming in the bays. Nature has taken over, what man has made. Simply superb. You will not want to leave. It is a piece of paradise. Furthermore the Seychelles islands are true gems. More beautiful and peaceful than Mauritius, more diverse and exciting than the Maldives, safer and more untouched than the Caribbean.

Eden Island was built out of the sea, creating extra space and land for those foreigners who want to make Seychelles a second home. Eden Island made it easier for them to buy, while not competing with the local market. And while the owner is away, the Eden Island Villa Management Association looks after everything.

Owners have the option to enter their property into a rental pool. Investment returns of up to 5% net per annum, and in some cases more, are currently being earned by owners on their rented properties.

The island has earned several awards at the International Property Awards ceremony:

2012-2013:Best Developer Website – Africa
2012-2013:Best Developer Website – Seychelles
2013-2014:Highly Recommended for Development Marketing – Seychelles
2013-2014:Best Development for Multiple Units – Seychelles
2013-2014:Best Development for Multiple Units – Africa
2016-2017:Highly Recommended – Mixed Used Development – Seychelles

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