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Benefits of Eden Island in Seychelles

As a luxury marina property development, Eden Island is more than just a home for some. In fact, since construction started the project alone has created almost 1,000 jobs for Seychellois locals and contributed about 40% of foreign direct investment. 

Not only does this contribute to Seychelles GDP, but it also draws attention to other aspects of the island such as the Seychelles conservation efforts.

Naturally Rich

Before the development of Seychelles international airport pre 1970’s, there was little tourism coming into the country. But, thanks to the abundance of natural endowments on the islands, monsoon free coastlines, and impeccable weather, once there was accessibility, the world started to take notice.  

As hotels started to improve their infrastructure, and property developers began construction, conservation authorities also started taking action. With the influx of visitors steadily increasing, there was no doubt that the natural resources of the country were going to take a toll.

Now, in addition to PADI courses, all-inclusive hotels, sunset cruises, and cocktails on the beach, visitors can also undertake Seychelles wildlife conservation holidays too. There are several volunteer opportunities available, including:

  • Protected area management – An exclusion zone since 1968, this area was purchased for the sole purpose of ensuring that certain bird species are protected.
  • Bird conservation – A science programme that involves monitoring and managing threatened avian and reptile species and their environment.
  • Marine turtle programme – Since the ban on turtle harvesting in 1994, these efforts are to ensure the preservation of the species.
  • Island restoration- Island rehabilitation that includes removing external animal predators, plants, and invasive species.

Best of all, you can get to experience both sides of Seychelles by spending half of your time volunteering and the other relaxing.

Doing your Part

The property developers of Eden Island worked closely with the Seychelles government to ensure that they were in-line with natural ethics. Utilising a reclaimed coral reef for the foundations and incorporating Creole architecture that didn’t intrude on the aesthetics of the Mahe Mountains, Eden Island transformed into a representation of Seychelles.

In addition, by providing jobs for locals and creating accommodation for foreign investors, it also gave developers the opportunity to create amenities for the influx of tourists. Visitor centres, museums, Eden Plaza Aquarium, restaurants, and independent tour operators thrive from the business that Eden Island brings to Seychelles.

From Seychelles conservation and volunteer programmes to lounging on white sandy beaches in luxury, you too can live the high life, while giving back. Contribute to an immaculate piece of paradise by investing in an Apartment, Maison or Villa on Eden Island.  

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