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Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles Islands comprise 116 unique environments, and are surrounded by pristine warm waters, iconic rock formations and white sand beaches. Discover the top 5 attractions with Eden Island. 

The Seychelles Islands

Life in the Seychelles islands is characterised by majestic seascapes, unparalleled beauty and temperate weather. These are just some of the many factors that make this nation such a sought-after paradise for holidaymakers and investors alike. In addition to immaculate white sands and welcoming waters, this spectacular country is also home to a vibrant diversity of cultures.

With its breath-taking combination of sights and sounds, this cosmopolitan destination is a feast for the senses and provides the perfect setting for an exotic island retreat. For those dream about relaxing in comfort and luxury, the Seychelles islands provide countless opportunities for rest and tranquillity. Additionally, this idyllic nation caters for discerning thrill-seekers who travel the globe in search of incomparable diving and sailing opportunities.

When it comes to accommodation, Seychelles boasts some of the finest island getaways on the market. Eden Island homes in particular provide residents and visitors with outstanding furnishings, amenities and marina access.

Eden Island in the Seychelles islands

The exclusive Eden Island development is located just off Mahé and is home to a finite number of luxurious villas, sophisticated maisons and stylish apartments. The development also boasts a full-service, deep-water marina with private moorings for each residence in the resort.

In addition to exceptional accommodation, Eden Island is also well equipped with secluded beaches, restaurants, bars, a gymnasium, child-care facilities and a world-class shopping centre.

Eden Island’s central location makes it the most convenient place to stay for anyone who wants to explore the wonders of the Seychelles islands. Property investors find endless opportunities to rent their accommodation out to affluent tourists, and permanent residents live enviably, in supreme comfort and safety.

5 top attractions of the Seychelles Islands

Eden Island is situated just 300m from the capital hub of Mahé, making it simple to access by air and sea. In fact, the estate’s prime location makes it an excellent starting point for any excursion. Those who stay in the resort find it easy to embark on all manner of Seychelles islands adventures, including:

  1. Sailing – The azure Seychelles waterways are world famous and provide countless opportunities for unforgettable sailing. The archipelago consists of a myriad of channels and safe moorings in diverse locations, which means that it’s ideal for leisurely chartered cruises or boat tours.
  2. Diving – Experience an incredible variety of marine life beneath the balmy ocean surface. These warm safe waters are home to a vibrant array of fish, turtles and coral, providing snorkelers and scuba divers with unparalleled opportunities to view endemic species.
  3. Fishing – Seychelles hosts a number of well-attended annual fishing tournaments. Big-game and fly-fishermen gravitate towards these waters as they’re rich in prize catches and the beautiful tranquil environment adds to any angling adventure.
  4. Island hopping – Seychelles a melting pot of cultures and its 116 landmasses each has its own charm and unique allure. Whether you’re fascinated by architecture or nature, you’ll find a wealth of inspiring discoveries by venturing to the different islands.
  5. Beach combing – Stroll along the many truly magnificent coastlines of this island nation, or relax on their soft sands. Any Seychelles experience is incomplete without an exploratory foray into the distinctive rocky shores and immaculate white beaches.

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