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Things to do and see on Mahé

When you stay on Eden Island, you’re centrally located and the exotic wonders of Seychelles are practically at your doorstep. The development is just off the coast of Mahé, offering residents and guests ease of access to this fascinating main island.

Things to do and see on Mahé in Seychelles

The spectacular island of Mahé is the largest in the Seychelles archipelago, and is home to the nation’s capital city of Victoria. In addition to numerous idyllic beaches and natural wonders, this location is filled with unforgettable sights, sounds and tastes, making it a quintessential part of any Seychelles experience.

Mahé and the Eden Island development are connected by means of a 300 metre-long bridge. This convenient consideration enables residents and guests to have easy access to a vibrant array of shops, markets, historical sights and more.

Top 5 things to experience on Mahé in Seychelles

When you stay on Eden Island, you’re just a stone’s throw away from a variety of interesting and exciting attractions on Mahé. Some of the exotic things you’ll be able to enjoy include:

1.    Beaches – Mahé’s shorelines are famous for their beauty, and they’re ideal for swimming, exploring, snorkeling or simply relaxing. Whether you want to snap photos, or go surfing, there are excellent beaches to explore. The stunning white sands and impressive rock formation of these strands are simply breathtaking.

2.    Markets – Seychelles is categorized by its cultural diversity, and residents have a rich heritage comprising French, Indian, Chinese and African, to name a few. The markets you’ll find on Mahé are a feast for the senses and are the ideal places to sample local delicacies and cuisine.

3.    Cultural excursions – The city of Victoria has a number of national monuments and places of interest for those who enjoy sightseeing. For example, the elegant ‘Lorloz’ is a replica of the clock tower that was erected in London in 1897, in honour of Queen Victoria herself. In addition, there are many fascinating museums and galleries on Mahé that are definitely worth a visit. 

4.    Natural wonders – Seychelles is a truly unique environment and the people of this nation are dedicated to the protection of their flora and fauna. Mahé is home to the Morne Seychellois Park, where visitors can see endemic species of plants and animals as they walk or hike along beautiful wild life trails.

5.    Fine cuisine – There are many places on Mahé to enjoy local fare with a Creole twist. Whether you prefer a five-star dining experience or a quick nibble to enjoy with your feet in the sand, there are loads of places to choose from.

 Contact Eden Island to find out how you can buy property on this well-located development. With Mahé just around the corner, you can stay in luxury and explore at your leisure.

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