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Eden Island - Luxurious Seychelles Villas

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Explore the advantages of owning one of Eden Island's Seychelles villas - whether you want to keep it for your own use, or to rent it out to 5-star travellers.


Eden Island - Luxurious Seychelles Villas

When you buy one of Eden Island’s spectacular Seychelles villas, you’ll have your very own hideaway in paradise. Additionally, as a savvy investor, you could get lucrative rental returns from the affluent holidaymakers who look for exclusive accommodation in Seychelles.

These well-heeled travellers prefer to spend their island holidays in a luxurious setting that offers all the comfort of home. When you own an exquisite property in the Eden Island resort, you’ll be able to make the most of your homes outstanding features.

6 Reasons to Buy Seychelles Villas on Eden Island

When you own a villa on Eden Island, you’ll experience:

  1. Spectacular architecture – Eden Island Seychelles Villas come in a variety of floor plans, with your choice of bedrooms. This allows you to ensure that your home in paradise looks exactly how you want it to.
  2. Tasteful décor – With three different design palettes to choose from, your villa will perfectly reflect the iconic Seychelles elements of Pearl, Granite or Coral.b2ap3_thumbnail_villa3_large.jpg
  3. Considerable accessibility – In addition to the personal mooring that each home comes with, is an electrically powered buggy that makes getting around the estate a breeze.
  4. Secure grounds – Seychelles is located away from the cyclone belt, which means that your Eden Island home is safe from destructive weather patterns. Likewise, the estate itself is fully secure, and boasts a 0% crime rate.
  5. Complete privacy – The villas in this resort have surprisingly spacious grounds. Further to the roomy interior is a vast amount of secluded space outside. These units also come with their own pools, and are arranged to provide unspoilt views.
  6. Outstanding amenities – Eden Island offers residents and guests a wide array of facilities. Enjoy the convenience of private beaches, quay-side restaurants, a world-class shopping centre, fully equipped gym and day care centre – to name but a few.


Eden Island villas are true gems that offer residents and guests a sense of unparalleled luxury – the perfect way to enjoy a stay this world-famous archipelago.