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Your dream Island House is Waiting for You in Seychelles

Find your ideal island house in the Seychelles archipelago with premium property available on Eden Island – follow your dream today.


Your dream island house is waiting for you in Seychelles

Owning an island house in paradise is a lifestyle many people only ever dream of having. That is, unless you’re one of the fortunate people who have invested in Seychelles real estate.

This Indian Ocean archipelago is home to some of the rarest flora and fauna on earth, with almost 50% of this valuable landmass sectioned off as national parks and reserves. Furthermore, Seychelles prides itself on far-sighted conservation policies, placing considerable emphasis on growing the country’s industries without jeopardising these fragile ecosystems.

It is remarkable that the increase in overseas investment towards property development hasn’t affected the country’s firm stance on preserving the lush greenery found in Seychelles. Even nature itself seems to shelter these islands, which are protected from the ferocity of cyclones that often devastate the archipelagos further south.

This calm climate with exquisite land and seascapes has formed the backdrop for the emergence of a recent luxury development known as Eden Island. This residential marina estate is often referred to as Seychelles’ 116th island – due to the fact that it’s a completely reclaimed landmass.

Find your dream island house on Eden Island and enjoy the natural splendour of the Seychelles.

Buy Eden Island real estate in the Seychelles while it’s available

Eden Island properties have been drawing considerable overseas investment from buyers wanting either a holiday home or a property to rent out in Seychelles. Investors are encouraged by the fact that with such limited space, the country’s real estate market is not likely to become over supplied.   

Sanctioned and appreciated by the Seychelles government, the Eden Island residential development offers property for sale that is both luxurious and conveniently located. Joined to Mahé by a 300m bridge, Eden Island’s residents have easy access to the international airport and capital city of Victoria. The estate also offers four private beaches and an international marina that caters for super yachts of up to 100m in length.

With properties on Eden Island available for sale even before they’ve been built, it’s important that investors get a head start on the market. The following facilities are currently under construction:

  • convenient access to banks
  • several boutique shops
  • restaurants and cafés
  • service outlets

Eden Island properties already offer residents a clubhouse featuring:

  • a deli
  • a cafe
  • a gymnasium
  • swimming pools
  • a tennis court
  • a children’s play area

Owning your ideal island house is a click away. Contact Eden Island for more information regarding Seychelles properties.


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