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Seychelles Duplex Homes On Eden Island

Eden Island is a unique and exclusive property development that’s ideally located just 100m away from the main Seychelles landmass of Mahé. It’s fast becoming the preferred destination for tourists who enjoy the permanently clement weather of the area.

Seychelles Duplex Homes On Eden Island

When it comes to finding the right offshore investment property, a Seychelles duplex on Eden Island is a savvy b2ap3_thumbnail_maison07_large.jpgpurchase. This exclusive development provides some of the finest accommodation and amenities in Seychelles. In addition to a finite number of exquisite private homes, the resort has a near zero crime rate and is fully equipped with outstanding facilities.

Those who stay on this well-positioned and convenient estate, find that the wonders of this famous destination are just a stone’s throw away.

5 incredible experiences you can only have in Seychelles

Once you’ve unpacked and settled into an immaculate Seychelles duplex, apartment or villa on Eden Island, you’ll discover a wealth of unique attractions. In fact, many affluent travellers find that this resort is the ideal starting point for their adventures.  

Some of the world-renowned attractions include:

  1. Endemic ecosystems – This archipelago consists of 116 islands, many of which are uninhabited by humans. If you’re fascinated by nature, you’ll be amazed by the untouched wonders of these islands, such as the famed “Coco de Mer” and the gigantic turtles.
  2. Exceptional diving – The warm, crystal-clear waterways that surround Eden Island contribute to this being one of the most exclusive Seychelles resorts. Divers and snorkelers come from all over the world to see the vibrant marine life that lives beneath the surface.
  3. Unforgettable boat tours – Holidaymakers find that taking a chartered vessel out to explore the Seychelles islands  allows them to experience hidden beaches and bays.
  4. Picture-perfect beaches – Any good holiday includes some serious relaxation, preferably in a perfect setting. Whether you prefer to splash about in the gentle swell, or tan on the immaculate sands, you’ll marvel at these beautiful shorelines.
  5. Vibrant festivals – With their eclectic and varied heritage, the Seychellois have a vibrant tapestry of cultural influences. One of the most popular annual celebrations is October’s Creole Festival, which showcases an array of fascinating sounds, sights and flavours.


When you own an immaculate home on Eden Island, you can cater for the well-heeled tourists that visit Seychelles all year round.

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