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Buy a Villa in the Spectacularly Beautiful Seychelles

Own a villa in the beautiful Seychelles islands and take time to explore the magnificent archipelago. 


Buy a villa in the spectacularly beautiful Seychelles

Purchase a villa on Eden Island and enjoy the very best the Seychelles has to offer while basking in the comfort of a luxury home decorated to appeal to your unique tastes and aesthetic preferences. Whether you want to travel to these islands on holiday or relocate here permanently, our villa options are enough to entice even the most conservative of property investors.

If you wish to peruse property for sale in an island location that boasts both natural wonders and a warm, friendly nation, then consider the Seychelles. This archipelago offers wildlife, landscapes and a rich mix of cultures to experience.

An island villa may seem like nothing more than a dream, however, Eden Island provides more than just the physical building or property boundaries – this residential marina development offers an entire island lifestyle in which to immerse yourself and your loved ones. Contact Eden Island to secure your very own luxury villa in this exclusive Indian Ocean destination.

Exploring the Seychelles

Throughout history, the islands that make up the archipelago of the Seychelles have been influenced by a number of different inhabitants and their respective cultures. Today, the descendants from various African, Indian, French and Chinese families add to the cosmopolitan way of life enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Variations in cuisine, entertainment and other cultural facets are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the choices on offer in the Seychelles. The natural splendour of these islands is world renowned and the Seychelles boasts various wildlife venues including the Vallée de Mai World Heritage Site.

Even though you’ll likely be tempted to stay on Eden Island no trip to this archipelago is complete without a visit to the following, lesser publicised attractions:

  • Discover the bird life, fruit bats and a number of giant Aldabra tortoises on Anonyme Island, which is situated next to the main island of Mahé.  There are numerous ghost stories and fables regarding treasure buried here that form part of the local folklore.
  • The island of Frégate is home to the rare Seychelles Magpie Robin and also boasts one of the world’s best beaches, as voted by The Times magazine. This is also a fantastic destination for snorkelling and swimming.
  • Marianne Island boasts a wonderful long beach on its western side and is known as a world-class diving and snorkelling location.
  • Designated as a nature reserve in the late 1960s, Cousin Island is a haven for many endangered species which include both land and sea birds.

Be sure to take in the very best that the Seychelles has to offer and more. Contact us for more information on purchasing a villa on Eden Island and you’ll never have to leave.

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