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5 Reasons To Sail Around The Seychelles Islands

Seychelles comprises of 116 islands, each with its own unique appeal. As a destination that seems to have been made for yachts and boats, this country boasts some of the finest waterways in the world, making it a sailor’s delight.

5 Reasons To Sail Around The Seychelles Islands

When it comes to setting sail, it’s hard to beat the intricate waterways that surround the Seychelles islands. These clear passages meander past immaculate beaches and secluded coves, the likes of which have been lauded all over the world. In fact, it’s hard to picture an exotic shoreline without imagining the balmy palm trees and white sands that characterise this idyllic nation.

Sail the Seychelles Islands

Aside from the splendour of the Seychelles islands, there are a number of other reasons to take a yacht or catamaran out on these crystal waters.

1.    The archipelago seems to have been designed with sailors in mind – Seychelles is situated away from the cyclone belt, which means that for pretty much most of the year, the weather is perfect. Couple the temperate climate with 116 different islands to explore, and pristine channels, and you have the perfect sailing destination.

2.    Chartering a yacht or catamaran is easy – For those who don’t own their own vessel (yet) there are numerous reputable charter companies which can facilitate a Seychelles cruise. Oftentimes these experienced guides can reveal little-known gems that often go unnoticed.

3.    Seychelles has some of the richest waters in the world – The channels that flow through the archipelago are teeming with endemic wildlife. Sailors, snorkelers and fishermen find ample opportunities to practice their skills in this part of the warm Indian Ocean.

4.    Find fun for the whole family, or just for the two of you – Seychelles is a sought after destination for honeymooning couples, as well as families. Those who sail with children and teenagers soon discover a wealth of activities and adventures to enjoy. Likewise, when it comes to romance, this exquisite island nation has countless opportunities for luxurious seclusion.

5.    There’s a fully equipped, deep-water marina on Eden IslandThis centrally located facility is one of only a few in the world that’s capable of housing super yachts of up to 100m in length. Residents of the resort automatically qualify for private mooring and guests can secure a berth by prior arrangement. 

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