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5 Attractions in Seychelles

This year, take the family on a trip to paradise and enjoy pristine beaches and Seychelles attractions minutes away from your Eden Island home. As one of the most spectacular locations on the planet, this archipelago draws thousands of visitors to its shores each year. And with a little direction, you never have to spend a single moment wondering what to do next.

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing endeavour, a culture-rich experience or a mind-blowing adventure, you’re bound to find it in this utopia. With such an endless list of possible things to do in the Seychelles, selecting five favourites was no easy task.

  1. Valle de Mai Nature Reserve

    b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG7-Female-Coco-De-Mer-Nut.jpgLocated on the island of Praslin, this UNESCO World Heritage site is home to several rare and awe-inspiring plants and wildlife. Visitors can enjoy guided tours to explore every important feature of this ancient forest. You also don’t want to miss the Coco de Mer palm, which bears the largest seeds of the entire tree kingdom!

  2. Victoria

    IMG5-MarketThe Seychelles attractions in the capital city are a vibrant mix of cultures and activities in which tourists can immerse them-selves. Take in the beautiful clock tower, art galleries, the natural history museum or the botanical gardens; or feel like a local at the fish and fruit market. If you’re looking to experience the other islands too, this fun one-day itinerary is ideal.

  3. Underwater Excursions

    IMG5-Lion-Fish With crystal clear waters and ideal weather conditions all year round, diving in the Seychelles is an experience you won’t easily forget. An instructor can help you swim with an array of sea creatures. If you don’t have the necessary license yet, no problem! There are several PADI approved institutions on the islands that cater to tourists looking to learn the ways of the ocean.

  4. Surface-friendly Fun

    IMG2-Romance-Eden-Island If going underwater is not your thing, why not get in touch with Teddy’s Glass Bottom Boat? You can take in the reefs and fishes, whilst remaining bone dry. Otherwise, if you enjoy the ocean spray in your hair, charter a catamaran or yacht, arrange for champagne and set sail between the islands.

    Seychelles also offers water sports for those who are more adrenaline fuelled. Kayaking, paddle skiing, SUP boards and hydro-bicycles are just a few options. With so much choice available, it might be hard to pull yourself away for other activities.

  5. Pristine Beaches

    IMG22-Grand-Anse Mahe, Praslin and La Digue boast some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. So why not just sit back and relax on one of the many white sandy shores and take it all in. The majority of the accommodation available in Seychelles offers little slices of private paradise which make it easy to feel at home.

With a new year in full swing, why not plan ahead and start saving for that trip you’ve been waiting for and certainly deserve. Whenever you venture to these shores, Seychelles attractions will be here to welcome you and keep you entertained both night and day.

Pictures courtesy of Seychelles Tourism Board

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