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Deep Water Marina

Eden Island in Seychelles has plenty of features and activities to give you a taste of the good life, but one of its biggest attractions for the international clientele is the deep water marina that can handle superyachts up to 100m in length.

There’s no need to worry about chartering a boat for the duration of your stay – you can literally bring your own. Built on reclaimed coral reef, guests can sail themselves to paradise and safely their vessels just a stone’s throw from all the mainland action and the surrounding tropical islands of Praslin and La Digue. 

Embrace a Different Way of Life 

Set in majestic surroundings with opulent accommodation and first class amenities, life on Eden Island offers just as much excitement as sailing the open waters. Head to the city of Victoria, the islands’ capital and a melting pot of cultures, and stroll through the bustling marketplace, visit historical sites or enjoy a hiking trail or two. 

Guests also get access to Eden Plaza, which offers a selection of restaurants and shops as well as indoor facilities like: 

  • An aquarium
  • A boutique spa 

Stay in Utopia 

Eden Island is not just a holiday destination, but a way of life. People who invest in property here are automatically eligible for permanent residency in Seychelles. That’s why when you sail your prized superyacht to Eden Island and moor in its deep water marina, there’s a good chance that you might not want to leave. 

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