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Your Seychelles Property is Worth its Weight in Gold

Buy exclusive Seychelles property on Eden Island and experience the benefit of capital asset that continues to appreciate in worth. Find out how your real estate in Seychelles can work for you.

Your Seychelles property is worth its weight in gold

When you invest in Seychelles property, you join a select group of investors who experience continued success in this part of their offshore asset portfolio. This is because the island nation has implemented new legislation that encourages overseas parties to buy accommodation on its sunny shores. Some of the incentives offered to purchasers include a simplified process of attaining residency, a network of double taxation avoidance treaties, and private banking.

In addition to these attractive factors of property ownership in Seychelles, when you buy a home on the Eden Island estate, you’re offered further advantages. Investors who purchase our apartments, maisons and villas aren’t charged any transfer tax or stamp duty on their initial procurement. These charges only come into play when the landholding is resold. The implication of these considerations is that it’s remarkably simple to become a homeowner in this exotic location.

Furthermore, those savvy financiers who have bought pristine accommodation on this development find that by cleverly using their lucrative investment, they’re able to secure considerable monetary benefits.

How your real estate in Seychelles can work for you

When you buy a pristine holiday home on Eden Island, you’ll soon find that you’ve made a wise investment decision. Your assets are safe, and if you manage them wisely, you’re sure to enjoy the following financial rewards:

  1. Sustained appreciation of value – The Seychelles’ economy is one of only a few in the world that continues to experience a steady growth in its annual GDP. In 2011, the nation recorded a 5% increase in this sector, which is noteworthy in the light of the current global economic difficulties. What this means for Eden Island buyers, is that they can be assured that the worth of their property will escalate. As a result, they can be confident that their luxurious getaway is also a truly remunerative investment.

In the event of the onward-sales of Eden Island real estate, homeowners tend to garner impressive amounts for their Seychelles holiday houses. This is possibly because the allure of the location, and the luxuriousness of the accommodation, adds to the overall monetary value of these island retreats. Trends show that this investment property retails for more than its original cost, making it a valuable asset to consider.

  1. Exceptional rental returns – Another shrewd way in which investors are using their real estate in Seychelles is by renting it out. The balmy weather and picturesque beaches of this location draw high-end clientele who prefer to enjoy their holidays in luxurious settings. The apartments, maisons and villas on Eden Island cater to the needs of this exclusive market, making it profitable for homeowners to consider rental options.

Of further advantage is the permanently temperate climate, which results in there being no seasonal constraints binding those who are drawn to this idyllic archipelago. Investors find that they can receive a steady stream of rental revenue, 12 months a year, as the demand for short-term holiday property in Seychelles is constant.

When you purchase sought-after Eden Island homes, you align yourself with a friendly nation that supports its offshore investors. You’ll also find that your money is safe and your assets are well looked after. Contact us to find out how you can join the other international financiers who are benefitting from their prime Seychelles property

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