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Yacht Charter in Seychelles

The best way to experience the splendour of Seychelles is by boat, and there are plenty of yacht charter companies available in the Eden Island marina.

Yacht Charter in Seychelles

No Seychelles holiday is complete without a gentle cruise around the crystalline waterways that surround and divide these spectacular islands. For avid sailors, this exotic archipelago is the ideal place to take their yachts and catamarans to put them through their paces. For holidaymakers who don’t own boats, however, there are other options.

The yacht charter companies in Seychelles offer numerous opportunities to enjoy these pristine channels at your leisure. Whether you’d like to relax on the deck and sip cocktails, or prefer to take a diving expedition, you’ll find the right people to take you around in style.

7 ways to enjoy yacht charter in Seychelles

Many of the Seychelles yacht charter companies embark from the Eden Island Marina, which is centrally located just off the coast of Mahé. This deep-water facility is ideally situated, making it the ideal starting point for an unforgettable island adventure.

You can choose a chartered cruise that suits you, and enjoy features such as:

·         Personalised itineraries – Experience Seychelles the way you want to, by deciding on exactly how you want to spend your time.

·         Sunset cruises – Perfect for honeymooning couples, or for a special anniversary, this romantic option makes for treasured memories.

·         Angling trips – Enjoy the comfort of a fully equipped yacht as you cast a line into the clear Indian ocean.

·         Big-game fishing – Avid fishermen know that by venturing deeper into these waters they can find trophy specimens such as Dorado, and Sailfish.

·         Island hopping excursions – Every island in Seychelles has its own charm, and taking a cruise you can experience the most famous sights of this picturesque nation.

·         Overnight cruises – It’s hard to beat the feeling of waking up on board a luxury yacht in Seychelles, and seeing the endless seascapes from your spot on the deck.

·         Self-charter voyages – For more experienced sailors, this option is ideal as it allows them true freedom on the Seychelles waters.


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