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Since 1999 the Fet Afrik Seychelles Festival, or Africa Day, has taken place on the island of Mahé, to celebrate African and Creole heritage. As Seychelles has deep African roots, the one-day festival is turned into an explosion of colour to represent the heritage of the islanders.

International travellers and locals alike come together at the festival on Mahé Island to, experience unique arts, food, and culture in a vibrant display of talent.

Superb Surrounds

In addition to the sights and sounds of the event, tourists can also experience other activities available in Seychelles. From water-sports and cultural endeavours to local cuisine and sky-bound adventures, there are a host of offerings available in Mahé, such as:

  • Glass-bottomed boat tours – Stay dry while witnessing the sea life in the crystal clear waters of Seychelles. You’ll see tropical fish, coral reefs, and an abundance of creatures unique to the area.
  • Beach visits – You can’t beat Seychelles for pristine sands and crystal clear waters, shrouded by majestic views of the mountains. When you stay at Eden Island, you have access to your own private beach experience so you can enjoy your surroundings without the crowds.
  • Cultural Market – The local market is the place to be to get a real taste of Creole cuisine, see local crafts, and get to know the people who made them.
  • Ocean adventures – Set sail into the sunset and go island hopping on one of the many charters available on Mahé. Feel the warm ocean breeze on your skin as you travel across the clear waters, while sipping on a refreshing island beverage.

Gorgeous Homes 

When you book your stay on Eden Island, you’re allowing yourself to embrace your holiday in luxury. With access to private beaches, Eden Plaza and opulent accommodation options, you can feel right at home, in paradise.

Best of all, our property is centrally located to Victoria, making it easy to gain access to the Fet Afrik festival, Seychelles.

Come back to your home on Eden Island, or rent out an Apartment, Maison, or Villa today, to enjoy the festivities of the Fet Afrik Festival, Seychelles.      

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