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What You Should Know About Real Estate In Seychelles

Investment property in Seychelles is becoming more attractive to forward-thinking financiers who are considering offshore real estate options.

What You Should Know About Real Estate In Seychelles

In terms of offshore investment opportunities, holiday property continues to be the most favoured option for financiers who are in touch with global trends. Real estate in Seychelles has always been attractive in terms of aesthetics; however, recent shifts in legislation have further increased the value of home ownership in this archipelago. These administrative changes now allow the island nation to offer investors more than just picture-perfect beaches.

When you buy a holiday house in Seychelles, you join an elite group of homeowners who are offered much support by the local government. The new policies that this administration has implemented simplify the process of procuring prime real estate on its shores. In fact, overseas investors find that they are made very welcome indeed and enjoy a number of fiscal benefits. Aside from the numerous double-taxation avoidance treaties that Seychelles has with other countries, those who buy investment properties here also enjoy a culture of discreet banking.

Further advantages make themselves evident when buyers opt for property in well-managed estates, such as Eden Island. Developments like this provide support in the form of rental management and the maintenance of good relations with the government. These associations take care of a number of the logistical elements involved in owning prime offshore assets.

How to make your Seychelles investment property work for you

Seychelles’ remote location adds to its exclusivity. The island nation is far-removed from the monotony of the workaday life, and this makes it especially alluring to upscale holidaymakers who gravitate towards luxurious island accommodation. This means that if you use your marina property wisely, there are a number of ways in which you can increase your capital portfolio. The following points are useful to anyone who’s serious about investing in this renowned archipelago:

  • Do the research – Before you commit to a property, carefully consider your options. It’s beneficial to choose a location that has a good reputation among other investors of your ilk. It’s also important that you have confidence in the way that the estate you’re buying into is managed, as this will ultimately affect your asset. When you spend time looking for the ideal holiday home, scrutinise the selection available and make an informed decision.
  • Consider renting – When your holiday property is located in a well-run estate, you’ll find it simple to rent it out to the elite tourists that prefer this sunny archipelago. A good management body will ensure that your home is kept in immaculate condition and that you don’t have to handle any of the logistical elements of the rentals.
  • Resell when the time is right – The onward-sales value of investment property in Seychelles tends to be higher than its original cost. The steady appreciation of real estate here is linked to the country’s stable economy and friendly attitude towards offshore asset procurement. If you monitor real estate trends closely, you’ll know when the time is right to place your holiday home on the market. This way you can be confident that your price point will be matched.


If you’re smart with your real estate in Seychelles, you’ll soon reap the rewards of choosing this secure nation as the location for your island property investment.

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