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Vanilla Island Real Estate For Sale in Seychelles


The luxurious real estate foe sale in Seychelles is conveniently situated within the Vanilla Islands, allowing for exciting holiday travel opportunities. Read further to find out what Eden Island and its amenities have to offer you.

Vanilla Islands real estate for sale in Seychelles

The Vanilla Islands brand was created in order to encourage visitors to explore the unparalleled beauty of the Indian Ocean. It’s a cooperative effort, between a number of neighbouring countries, that aims to combine their unique destinations into one convenient travel experience. This alliance has proven beneficial to homeowners, and is good news for anyone who is considering the purchase of real estate for sale in Seychelles. By promoting high-end tourism, this endeavour has boosted property values and those renting out their homes, particularly in resorts like Eden Island, enjoy steady lucrative returns.

Our exclusive addition to Seychelles is built on a well-situated reclaimed reef of dead coral. The development provides investors with luxurious holiday property that, when handled shrewdly, can be used to generate further revenue through rentals. This is, in part, a result of the strong and stable local economy, which provides homeowners with great peace of mind and excellent resale opportunities. Furthermore, the rental market in this picturesque archipelago attracts affluent holidaymakers who are eager to explore other nearby shores of the Vanilla Islands.

Eden Island offers ideally located waterfront real estate

By investing in this exclusive development, you acquire a property in Seychelles that’s situated in a safe and pristine environment. In addition, you’ll find that your home is relatively simple to maintain in this well-tended resort. To add further value to this appealing estate, the apartments, maisons and villas on Eden Island have even more to offer, including:

  • Close proximity to other Vanilla Islands destinations – As ahomeowner in our development, you’re able to market your property as being close in proximity to the other Vanilla Islands attractions. This means that your guests can enjoy the picturesque sights of Seychelles, and travel easily to the associated countries of Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte and Reunion. A simple boat ride is all it takes to return to Eden Island and to all the conveniences of this marina resort.
  • Outstanding waterfront facilities – Our world-class yacht and catamaran facilities are part of what makes this a sought-after location. Each home on Eden Island has its own mooring, and the marina is able to accommodate super yachts of up to 100m in length. As a further convenience, visiting boats can be housed temporarily by prior arrangement. These considerations are particularly attractive to the clientele that you’ll likely rent your holiday accommodation to, as they’ll enjoy having easy access to the Seychelles waterways.
  • Comfortable accommodation – The property you purchase in this estate comes fully equipped with high-quality fittings and appliances. Additionally, as part of your purchase, is a choice of a tasteful selection of furnishings. This means that you’ll have a hand in how your property is decorated, enabling you to provide your guests with stylish and luxurious accommodation.
  • Permanently temperate weather – Another advantage of the Seychelles property for sale on Eden Island is that the country enjoys mild weather, all year round. Additionally, the archipelago is situated outside of the cyclone belt, which means that tropical storms and monsoons don’t reach these shores. Your holiday home will be safe from the elements and retain its value as a pristine property asset.

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