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Seychelles Villas That Reflect Your Design Aesthetic

The Seychelles villas available on Eden Island can be built to match your individual tastes by using our luxurious range of design options.

Seychelles villas that reflect your design aesthetic

The Seychelles villas available on Eden Island are defined by the historic influences of the country, as well as strong design principles from the lead architects. However, it’s important to us that each owner has the chance to enhance the pristine look and feel of the development with their own individual tastes. This is why we provide several high-end finishing and furnishing packages for each property that we sell.

When investing in real estate for sale in Seychelles with Eden Island, you get a property that offers exquisite views across the Indian Ocean and access to private beaches. You can also enjoy the security of living in a managed estate. Additionally, you get your own mooring, either on one of the waterways near your home or in the main Eden Island Marina. Contact us for more information.

Design options for your exclusive Eden Island property

There are 18 different design options for your villa, each one reflecting the history and natural beauty of Seychelles. These can be combined in numerous different ways to create an aesthetic that is elegant, luxurious and, most importantly, unique. Your choices include:

  • Interior customisations – Investors get a choice of three exclusive colour palettes when building their homes. The inspirations of Coral, Pearl and Granite have been carefully chosen to emulate the natural tones and textures of the islands and are only used for the villas.

Upon purchasing your property, you’ll receive a full swatch book that will show all of the finishes available within the palettes. Each one highlights a particular element of island life; from the light, airy hues of Pearl to the underwater pinks of Coral and the rich earthy tones of Granite.

  • Unique architecture – The overall design of each villa is based on a combination of French, Arab, Chinese and Victorian homes. This comes from a long history of international influences and is deeply entrenched in the culture and architecture of real estate in Seychelles. Resonating with this principle, you will notice high ceilings and expansive verandas in all of the Eden Island properties.

The three options for exteriors are inspired by all of the influences that can be seen across the Seychelles archipelago. When customising your new investment, you can choose between Bamboo Beige (Green), Papyrus (Blue) and Natural Timber (White) for your finish.

  • Extra features – Each villa on Eden Island offers excellent modern conveniences, such as en-suite bathrooms for all of the bedrooms and a full working kitchen as well as a show kitchen with luxury appliances. The houses also each have air conditioning throughout, offering a respite from the tropical heat when needed.

Each Eden Island villa comes with a private swimming pool. This both increases the value of your investment and provides your holiday property with a place to enjoy this tropical paradise in seclusion.

Contact Eden Island today to find out more about investing in one of our exclusive Seychelles villas.

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