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Seychelles Island Festival

Aside from being an exquisite destination, Seychelles has a wealth of cultures and people. Every year, this nation celebrates a number of festivals, which are alive with colour, sounds, tastes and smells.

Seychelles Islands Festivals

The Seychelles islands have more to offer than balmy waters and immaculate shorelines. In addition to spectacular beaches, this archipelago is home to a fascinating mix of cultures and every year, the Seychellois host a number of exciting annual celebrations.

A well-planned trip can allow visitors to enjoy the sensory feasts that a Seychelles festival provides, and still enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of this island paradise.

Celebrate the Seychelles Way

Any authentic adventure around the Seychelles islands includes experiencing some of the local festivities, such as:

1.    Carnaval International de Victoria– One of the most entertaining and vibrant celebrations in Seychelles is this spectacular event that’s held over two days – usually in April. It features a colourful procession of floats which represent the different participants’ nationalities, as well as the carnival’s featured theme.

2.    Festival Kreol – This week-long celebration is held in October, and is the oldest “pan Creole” event in the world. Experience the music and rhythm of this captivating and lively island festival, that’s one of the most popular happenings on the Seychelles cultural calendar

3.    SUBOIS Festival of the Sea – SUBOIS refers to “Sub Indian Ocean Seychelles” and was formerly known as the Underwater Film and Image festival. Every November, this event reflects the nation’s eco-friendly commitment to sustaining its unique environment, by means of a spectacular showcase of underwater movies and imagery. 

4.    Thaipusam Kavadi, in February – This is one of the most intriguing festivals in Seychelles. Once a year – in January or February – the Hindu community gathers in Victoria to carry small pots of milk to the temple as offerings to their warrior deity, Lord Murugan. This lively procession is a truly unforgettable sight.


5.    Fete Afrique – Also known as FetAfrik, this long-established cultural event celebrates the Seychelles islands’ African heritage. It’s usually held at the end of May and is a weekend festivity, which features traditional music and dancing, as well as clothing and art.

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