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Own Island Property in Seychelles

Property in Seychelles is selling strong. Many investors have chosen this archipelago when looking for their dream holiday house.


Own island property in Seychelles

In spite of the global economy, property in Seychelles is selling strong. The new residential marina development of Eden Island is now over halfway built, and over 387 units have been sold to date. Investors from around the world have flocked to the island’s pristine, natural environment and secured their own property in Seychelles. With construction on Eden Island nearing its final phases, and many permanent owners already in residence, this is the best time to choose and customise your personal paradise. 

Quickly becoming one of the most desired vacation destinations in the Indian Ocean, Eden Island has already earned a reputation for luxurious real estate that appeals to the opulent and investment-savvy alike. This Seychelles island offers everything for those looking to get away to the beauty of nature while still experiencing steady, annual capital growth on their property.

4 reasons to buy an island holiday house on Eden Island

  1. Own an incredible home away from home – An archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has long been considered a great treasure of nature. Situated in this country, which is largely untouched by big business, is the marina community of Eden Island. This development offers private, white beaches and lush, natural surroundings – creating a true feeling of being in paradise. Eden Island is an extraordinary location in which to own an apartment, maison or exclusive villa. The development boasts a year-round temperate climate and a first-class international marina that caters for super yachts of up to 100m in length.   
  2. Highly-desired island property – Freehold title ownership and a rental pool have made these fast-selling luxury properties extremely attractive to international investors. Comprising 56 hectares of tropical Seychelles scenery, Eden Island homes have sold extremely well, with over half of all planned units already owned. Sales continue to be strong despite global economic concern, which suggests that Eden Island is an excellent opportunity to own an island holiday home that will continue to appreciate in value.
  3. A variety of properties still available – Eden Island offers a range of residential homes, from roomy 1-bedroom apartments to 6-bedroom luxury villas – with prices starting at US $395,000. Real estate investment opportunities include 1 to 3-bedroom apartments, 2- to 4-bedroom maisons and 3- to 6-bedroom villas, all luxuriously finished to your specifications. These spacious homes all incorporate the influence of cultural art and architecture into their design, providing a magnificent yet casual setting for relaxation and fun.
  4. Conveniently located – Residents and visitors on Eden Island are only minutes away from the main island of Mahé, where food, shopping and other local cultural attractions can be found. The international deep-water marina easily hosts vessels of all sizes up to 100 metre super yachts, and the Seychelles International Airport on Mahé allows for easy flying from anywhere in the world. Air Seychelles – the national carrier to the islands – has also announced the recent purchase of an Airbus A330-200 aircraft. Their plan is to double international flights to and from Mahé, beginning in June 2012, in order to more conveniently serve visitors to the Seychelles, and Eden Island. 

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