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Opt for a Lucrative Investment with Seychelles Property For Sale

Investing in Seychelles property for sale on Eden Island gives you an opportunity to make lucrative rental returns on your pristine island accommodation. Find out why investors prefer Eden Island.

Opt for a lucrative investment with Seychelles property for sale 

Are you considering the purchase of a luxury holiday home in an exotic destination? If you are, the Seychelles property for sale on Eden Island provides you with an outstanding investment opportunity. The apartments, maisons and villas on this development are being bought by international financiers who value both the safety and stability of the location.

Seychelles has emerged as one of the countries in the Indian Ocean with the most favourable financial status. Additionally, recent upswings in the government’s approach to encouraging foreign investors have placed this nation on a similar level to that of the Cayman Islands. This means that in terms of banking privacy and fiscal incentives, international financiers are offered many conveniences.

By purchasing investment property on Eden Island you’ll not only benefit from the government’s encouraging stance towards offshore investors, you’ll also own pristine private accommodation. The estate is new, and its finite number of fully furnished, stylish homes provides exceptional comfort and accessibility. Furthermore, when you buy real estate in this development, you get more than an elegant home – you’ll have a fertile asset that’s been proven to grow in worth.

The value of Eden Island homes

There are a number of elements that make Seychelles such a sought-after location. This unspoilt archipelago is temperate and far-removed from major landmasses, which makes it popular with high-end tourists who wish to see the beautiful sights. Investors, on the other hand, prefer this destination for a number of different reasons:

  • The healthy economic climate – While many countries suffered great losses at the height of the recent recession, Seychelles recorded a 5% growth in GDP. This means that as the rest of the world reeled, those who owned property in this nation experienced fiscal growth.

As an investor, this means that by choosing to purchase real estate in Seychelles, you provide yourself with a property that is poised to grow in worth.

  • Secure location – Your Seychelles investment will be safe in Eden Island as the development is private and has a 0% crime rate. The country as a whole is also well known for being generally free from nefarious elements. To add further security, this nation is located away from the cyclone belt which means that your home will also be protected from destructive tropical storms.

For travellers, safety is a chief concern. If you rent your property to the affluent holidaymakers who visit Eden Island, you can offer them luxurious accommodation that’s also secure.

  • Protected natural resources – Seychelles is an archipelago that consists of 116 islands – each one with its own unique environment. The country values these irreplaceable havens and as a result, there are firm restrictions placed on building developments.

Eden Island is built on a reclaimed dead coral reef, and does not compromise the locally protected fauna or flora. This is precisely what makes the homes in this resort so valuable, as they are limited in number, and set against a backdrop that travellers pay dearly to see.

Contact us to learn more about the pristine Seychelles property for sale in this elegant and lucrative investment location.

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