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Luxury Apartments in an Exotic Paradise Location

Luxury apartments for sale in the Seychelles are available from Eden Island; Explore an exotic paradise while enjoying prime real estate. Discover the destinations that the Seychelles archipelago has to offer.

Luxury apartments in an exotic paradise location

There are luxury apartments available in almost any country in the world. However, finding the perfect real estate in an exotic paradise – one that never fails to impress and entertain – is the real trick to buying vacation property. Eden Island offers exceptional properties for discerning investors seeking luxury accommodation that’s flawlessly complemented by breathtaking tropical landscapes.

Mother Nature has been extremely generous when it comes to the islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, especially those forming the incredible Seychelles archipelago off the east coast of Africa. Most of these land masses are situated outside the cyclone belt that plagues many southern archipelagos, providing residents and visitors to the Seychelles with a tropical haven of moderate temperatures and year-round sunshine; perfect for uninhibited exploration by boat or plane.

Whether your idea of fun is relaxing on exquisite ribbons of white sand or hiking through lush hills, Eden Island is centrally located to offer exclusive accessibility to the many wonders of the Seychelles. Situated off the coast of Mahé, this superb residential marina development has a reputation for offering prime luxury property and ancillary facilities. Contact us today and invest in one of our remarkable apartments for sale.


Exploring the Seychelles from Eden Island

Having established itself as a primary spot for fine real estate, Eden Island provides more than just a convenient location at the heart of the Seychelles.The development also boasts a fully equipped marina, which can accommodate superyachts of up to 100m in length.

This is especially appealing to investors who would like to explore the magnificent islands of the Seychelles via their own private boat or yacht. What’s more, homeowners are provided with a private mooring spot for their vessels, either on one of the many private waterways located on the island or situated at the Eden Island Marina itself. In terms of island hopping – a well-loved pastime in the Seychelles – there is a variety of destinations to explore:

·         Beau Vallon
·         Cousin Island
·         Frigate Island
·         La Digue Island
·         Mahé
·         Praslin Island

·         Sainte Anne Island

Eden Island is joined to Mahé – which hosts the capital city, Victoria – by a 300m bridge. This is convenient for anyone wanting to utilise the international airport on the main island as a means to travel around the Seychelles by air. There is also a choice of attractions on the main island to explore, these include:

·         diving
·         buggy and Jeep rentals
·         hiking tours
·         the Botanical Gardens
·         the Clocktower
·         the Seychelles National Museum
·         the National Library and Art Gallery

·         the Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden

Invest in luxury apartments today

Purchasing a home on Eden Island is an investment in days of fun and exhilaration, matched with the soothing atmosphere of an island lifestyle. Contact us and explore the Seychelles while enjoying a lifetime of comfort in one of our beautiful luxury apartments for sale.

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