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Island Villas For Sale in the Seychelles

Buy real estate on Eden Island and enjoy all the perks associated with the summer villa way of life.

Island villas for sale in the Seychelles

Life in the Seychelles is the epitome of lazy days spent relaxing on white beaches lapped by a crystal-clear ocean, while being lulled by gently swaying palms as you sip tropical cocktails served in coconut shells. However, there is an entire side of the archipelago that offers an exciting array of energetic adventures. From rock climbing to yacht sailing; shopping to dining at restaurants, the Seychelles islands offer a plethora of exhilarating fun for the entire family.

The Seychelles is also home to the Eden Island residential development, which presents some truly amazing marina property for sale. Buy a villa and enjoy the freedom, exploration, passion and serenity offered by island living. The Seychelles is situated mostly outside of the cyclone belt and provides all-year sunshine, making it an ideal location for island villas that cater for homeowners with yachts.

Eden Island villas provide private mooring exclusively for homeowners, either on one of the waterways positioned around the island, or at the Eden Island Marina. Contact Eden Island for more information about villas for sale in the Seychelles. Invest in the adventure that is island living.


Eden Island: own in a Seychelles Island villa

Buy real estate on Eden Island and enjoy all the perks associated with the summer villa way of life. Avid beach goers invest in oceanfront villas, which are one of Eden Island’s most exclusive types of waterfront properties for sale. Seychelles island villa options also include units with incredible views of the luscious green forest and unrivalled mountain scenery.

Living on Eden Island offers investors the chance to enjoy community living. The residential marina development is designed to offer residents spacious and private living spaces coupled with first-class communal hubs that include:

  • beaches
  • pathways
  • forest and vegetation areas
  • a commercial centre

The commercial precinct on the island features a wide range of shopping experiences. There is a supermarket, delis, boutiques from around the world, as well as coffee shops, sport shops, banking facilities and even massage parlours.

Living on Eden Island offers homeowners the luxury of partaking in one of the favourite pastimes in the Seychelles – island hopping over the 116 different islands. It’s possible to travel around the archipelago via airplane, helicopter, ferry, chartered boat, yacht, motorboat and even fishing boat. Soak up the unique sights and sounds offered by each individual island – visit the:

  • pristine beaches of Praslin
  • water turtles near Coco Island
  • rushing tides of Aldabra
  • ox-cart taxis on La Digue

No matter where you go in the Seychelles, there are always plenty of adventure activities to enjoy. Because spear fishing has been illegal in the waters surrounding the islands for many years, snorkelling is a unique and amazing experience as fish aren’t afraid of swimming calmly amongst groups of humans. In addition to rock climbing and sailing opportunities, there are many walks and hikes that provide kilometres of picturesque scenery and a chance to enjoy the destination’s natural wonders.


Eden Island luxury villas: customise your island getaway

Eden Island luxury villas offer investors the chance to fully customise their homes. With a choice of palettes, designs, décor, fittings and furnishings, each holiday villa reflects the aesthetic taste of its owner.

Each of these private properties is designed with the Seychelles vernacular in mind. By blending in harmoniously with the scenery and surroundings of the archipelago, the island villas for sale offer investors the chance to purchase waterfront property that encompasses spacious luxury and chic style:

  • Villa finishes options: Pearl, Coral and Granite
  • Villa fittings choices: Royal range of glassware, crockery and linen
  • Villa audio visual package: Bang and Olufson
  • Villa interior furniture style packages: Seychelles Jewel (which is exclusive to the villa units), Plantation and Island Light
  • Villa outdoor furniture style ranges: the Dedon range, which features synthetic rattan and includes two distinct styles called Plantation and Island Now, and the Teak range
  •  Villa colour schemes: aqua, forest, driftwood and sunset. The en-suite bathrooms are complementary to the colour scheme incorporated in the bedrooms.

Each of these private properties is accompanied by a private mooring spot, whether in one of the waterways found around the island, or at the world-class facilities offered by the Eden Island Marina. This dedicated super-yacht facility has been developed side by side with the luxury residential project, and caters for yachts of up to 100m in length.

The marina also hosts “The Boardwalk” bar and lounge, which is a firm favourite among residents who enjoy the live bands and DJs, as well as the delicious local cocktails prepared by experts.


Buy island villas from Eden Island

Enjoy days filled with thrilling adventures followed by relaxation in idyllic island tranquillity. Eden Island offers investors worldwide the chance to own Seychelles real estate. These premium properties provide owners with a way of life that many only dream of: all-year summer living in an unspoilt island paradise. Customise your very own villa home with amazing design, décor, finishing and fitting options. Contact Eden Island for more information on the logistics of how to buy island villas in the Seychelles.  


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