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Investing in Indian Ocean islands property in Seychelles

When it comes to investing in international real estate in the Seychelles archipelago, Eden Island offers buyers positive returns and many benefits.

International real estate in Seychelles

Investing in international real estate has many pitfalls, especially with much of Europe being in economic turmoil and the rest of the world recovering from tough financial times. This is why it’s important to find a bankable location that has long-term appeal. The island nation of Seychelles is one such destination that many people are recognising as a safe place for investments.

Located off the eastern coast of Africa, this country provides savvy investors with many benefits. It has a growing economy thanks to a good tourism boom in recent years. The natural beauty of the area coupled with the excellent weather year round makes Seychelles a highly desirable destination for holidaymakers.

Building on this popularity, developers have created Eden Island – a private estate that offers luxury properties. Close to the main island of Mahé and within quick travelling distance to many other attractive locations, this development offers exclusivity and a taste of luxurious island living.

4 reasons to invest in a luxury holiday house on Eden Island

Over 390 units have been sold since the development’s launch in 2005, showcasing the proven popularity of the island’s real estate. All of our homeowners enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  1. Everyday conveniences – On the development, residents have access to two restaurants and the Eden Island Deli. There is also the Clubhouse with a fitness centre, swimming pools and children’s play area. The Eden Plaza is currently under construction and will soon offer homeowners and visitors a luxury shopping experience. Here you’ll find a grocery shop, hair salon and chemist, as well as banking facilities. Additionally, the country now enjoys faster communication and Internet connections thanks to the new link to the submarine fibre-optic cable.
  2. Full service cleaning and maintenance – Owning property in a private estate has many benefits, especially when it comes to maintaining your home and the grounds. The Village Management Association (VMA) takes care of all repairs, gardening, pool care, community landscaping and keeping your mooring in good condition. This ensures that there is a harmonious aesthetic to the entire community. Additionally, if this isn’t your primary residence, you can rest assured that it is looked after in your absence.
  3. Beautiful accommodation and surroundings – The properties on Eden Island are available in three different types – apartments, maisons and villas. Each marina property is constructed with exceptional attention to detail and equipped with high-quality appliances and air conditioning throughout. The architectural designs for the entire development are a unique expression of the various cultural influences the country has had, as well as local inspirations.
  4. Plenty of attractions for visitors – Residents of  Eden Island have access to the private beaches on the estate, which are kept in pristine condition. The development is also linked to the main island of Mahé, giving you easy access to the capital city, Victoria. Here you can experience the Seychelles lifestyle and culture. Additionally, you can easily sail between the many islands to view the natural foliage and wildlife.

Contact Eden Island today to find out more about what you get if you invest in our highly appealing international real estate in Seychelles.


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