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Invest in the Ideal Island Holiday Property

Buy property in the Seychelles archipelago and you’ll be able to rent it out to tourists looking to take an island holiday.

Invest in the ideal island holiday property

For many, an island holiday is the ideal getaway – an escape from the reality of a fast-paced, urban lifestyle. A location that is quickly gaining popularity for these types of holidays is Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, making it an ideal place to invest in property that you can rent out.

With luxury marina developments such as Eden Island, it’s now simple to break into the holiday rental industry in Seychelles. Each property is built to the highest standards and the designs and finishes have been exclusively created by leading architects. Owning a home on Eden Island makes it easy to rent accommodation to holidaymakers looking for a taste of paradise.

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3 tips for investing in Seychelles property

When considering an investment as large as buying a property in a foreign country, it’s important to get all of the facts straight before signing any documents. This will ensure that you’re making a fully informed decision.

  1. Get the right location – When investing in a property to rent out to holidaymakers, it’s important to ensure that you choose an area that has all of the elements tourists are looking to experience. In the Seychelles islands, most people are anticipating paradise, meaning they most likely want a place with panoramic views, beautiful beaches and, most importantly, exclusivity. Eden Island is an ideal location as it offers both privacy and luxury. It also offers convenience as it’s connected to the main island, Mahé, where the international airport is based.
  2. Understand your options – It isn’t always as simple as buying the house you feel looks the best. There will always be extra elements to consider. For example, at Eden Island, you can choose between apartments, maisons and villas. You’ll also be able to decide which finishes and furnishings you want.
  3. Ensure that you have support – Buying a property to rent out will always pose a degree of risk for the investor. This is because you can’t control how the holidaymakers using your home will treat it. Additionally, if you’re investing in an area such as Seychelles, you may not be on hand to deal with any problems that occur. For these reasons, it’s important to ensure that you have a proper support system in place. If you choose to buy on Eden Island , you can partner with the Eden Island Rental Pool Management Company, which is licensed to take care of all related concerns.

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