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Invest in Seychelles – Buy Property That Yields Rewards

Consider Seychelles for overseas property investments that are largely self-maintained and will provide exceptional returns. Discover that value of Eden Island real estate today. Find out how to promote returns from your property.

Invest in Seychelles – buy property that yields rewards

Invest in Seychelles with Eden Island and you’ll find property that provides more rewards than just the usual financial payoffs. You will also have the additional lifestyle benefits of spending time in this beautiful archipelago.

Craig Heeger, Chairman of the Eden Island Development Company, recently commented on how the luxury island development’s contribution to the Seychelles economy has far exceeded original expectations. In five years, Eden Island has contributed US$150 million in Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) and is projected to provide a further US$180 million in foreign investments by 2016.

Furthermore, Eden Island has an extremely close-knit community that has integrated with the greater Seychellois culture. To date, the development has created over 500 new permanent jobs for local workers and is projected to offer a further 550 jobs within the next three years. Eden Island has also significantly boosted the Seychelles government’s revenue and added to the overall growth of the GDP (by 3.45% in 2010 and a projected 4.45% in 2011).

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Eden Island rewards the Seychelles economy and our investors 

The Eden Island residential development project has been beneficial to the overall financial well-being of the Seychelles. However, there are many reasons for investors to pay attention to the potential financial rewards available to homeowners. There are two ways to promote returns from your property:

·         Resale – Eden Island is considered a maturing development and as such has consistently increased its sales volumes. This can, in part, be attributed to the extensive profile marketing done by the Eden Island Development Company. The strength of the brand is reflected in the staggering US$36 million made in sales for the first seven months of 2011.

·         Rentals – A rental pool has been put in place for apartments and maisons, which can be offered for short-term or long-term leases. Revenue from these properties is subject to tax, payable to the Seychelles government (12% and 15% for short-term and long-term leases respectively). However, homeowners can expect returns ranging from US$350 a day to US$4 000 a month depending on the size of the property.

Over and above being an incredible destination to visit and explore, Seychelles has proven to have solid market acceptance as a profitable location in which to invest. Over two thirds of the overseas property offered on the island has already been sold. Visit Seychelles and view Eden Island real estate for sale firsthand.


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