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As an island nation that’s deeply rooted in nature conservation efforts, it’s equally important to push the education of these principles to visitors and locals. That’s why, in September 2015, the Eden Aquarium was opened as part of one of the many attractions on the island.

Described as a 100% Seychellois experience, guests can expect to see, learn about and encounter sea life, without even having to put on a wet suit.

Under the Sea Extravaganza
For families, especially those with small children who are unable to go on diving tours, seeing the marine life in the aquarium is an eye-opening experience. Each specimen swimming within the tanks is carefully selected from the surrounding waters of Seychelles and lives as if it were out in the ocean.

Avid diver and owner of the aquarium, Charles Savy, takes nature conservation seriously, which is why he prefers not to use breeders to populate his facility.

Instead, Charles and a team embark on fish-finding expeditions to populate the tanks. Careful consideration is taken into account so as not to disrupt the ecosystems. They aim to catch young fish which can be bred within the facilities, to minimise the shock for naturally wild fish. He has even rehabilitated fish that couldn’t cope and released them back into the ocean.

Star Attractions

Although the beautifully arranged tanks and displays are each immaculate on their own, there are several highlights in the aquarium that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Circular Tank – an ideal way to experience diving without jumping in the water. A cylindrical, tube has been added to one of the tanks which allows you to stand inside and look at the fish up close.
  • Mangroves – a whole tank, dedicated to a functioning mangrove system. The display is complete with species of fish that populate these areas in the wild such as Mullet and Wolfish.
  • Eels – A variety of these serpent-like creatures are on display around the aquarium including the Grey-spotted, Geometric and Honeycomb Moray eel.
  • Octopus – Known as the King of the Hill as it resembles Captain Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This name is also due to the stern look on its face and attitude when disturbed.
  • Coral – Guests can see the variety of hard and soft corals displayed, and the creatures that live in them such as anemones, starfish, urchins and seahorses, all of which hail from the surrounding waters.

A Good Cause
When visitors and locals support initiatives like the Eden Aquarium, you’re choosing to inform yourself about Seychelles conservation as well. Not only do these facilities educate the general public about the state of our oceans, but also create a buzz within our tourism industry.

If you’re looking for things to do in Seychelles that are fun for the whole family, definitely consider the Eden Aquarium as an option. You can book your stay on the luxurious Eden Island for convenient access, great facilities and pristine beaches.

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