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Eco-Tourism: Sustainable Seychelles

Tourists are drawn to beautiful beaches and untouched coastlines in their hordes, but destinations that rely too heavily on natural beauty as their biggest drawcard often face the challenge of over-development and destruction of the natural resources.

Incorporating a sustainable tourism plan into the day-to-day management of small island developments like Eden Island is vital to prevent an environmental crisis and the subsequent negative effect on the GDP. 

The Sad Truth 

Consider Thailand. This internationally acclaimed tourist destination is considered a type of Paradise, much like Seychelles. Crystal-clear waters, majestic mountains and island-hopping adventures are just some of the attractions that draw thousands of visitors a year. 

But this is no Utopia. In May 2016, Thai authorities closed one of its most popular islands, Koh Tachai, because of irreparable damage caused to the environment by tourists. 

As the number of visitors increased every year, efficient restrictions weren’t put in place to counter the overcrowding on beaches and the surrounding areas. This increased: 

  • The carbon footprint through the influx of travellers.
  • Damage to natural resources.  
  • Unnatural waste from visitors. 

Island Life Done Right  

The Seychelles only opened its shores to international investors in the 1970s, so authorities have been able to put efficient systems and protocols in place when it comes to eco-tourism. Carefully managed conservation initiatives, volunteer programmes and sustainability efforts are encouraged in all facets of tourism and development in the Seychelles. 

Leading the Way

Eden Island is leading from the front when it comes to eco-tourism. Built on reclaimed dead coral reef, developers didn’t have to destroy the natural landscape to construct over 400 homes. This in turn attracted foreign investors to Seychelles which gave the economy a much-needed boost. A portion of these funds is allocated to tourism and sustainability. 

Builders and contractors involved in the construction of Eden Island adhered to strict government issued guidelines to avoid over-developing the area for the sake of profit.  

Through these initiatives and ideologies, Seychelles is recognised by the UN as a leader in terms of sustainable development. 

Buying an Apartment, Maison or Villa on Eden Island not only gives you access to luxury amenities in an naturally splendid setting and automatic eligibility to apply for Seychelles residency, you also get to make your home in a country that’s pioneering the way in sustainable tourism. 

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