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Buy Seychelles property in Eden Island

Seychelles property is an excellent investment for holidaymakers and landlords alike, Purchase you luxury home in Eden Island development to enjoy excellent profits. Discover the facilities and amenities you can expect when investing in Eden Island.

Buy Seychelles property in Eden Island

When exploring Seychelles property opportunities in this renowned archipelago, why not consider buying a home on Eden Island? It has a number of exclusive estates on offer, tailored to meet the standards of sophisticated buyers. While it’s possible to invest in a holiday villa just about anywhere in the world, this elite man-made island provides its residents with a unique cultural charm and peaceful environment.

Homeowners will have exclusive access to amenities and private features, as well as a broad variety of attractions on the coast of Mahé. Also, properties are extremely spacious, and surrounded by well-manicured, green landscaping.

Holiday homes and vacations in Seychelles

Owning a villa in Eden Island can be considered a lifestyle investment, as well as a financial one. This is based on the fact that each home combines a modern layout with comfort, exclusivity and leisure opportunities. Residents can enjoy open verandas, lofty ceilings and panoramic scenes from their properties. However, the facilities and amenities on the development are also enticing. These include:

·         Customised additions – Each villa comes complete with its own exclusive mooring, suitable for yachts or other watercrafts. Depending on the property, this could be situated adjacent to your home on Eden Island’s private waterway or within the immense international marina attached to the development.

·         Safe and pristine – Crime is extremely low in the area, which is part of why it has a reputation as a safe haven. Therefore, theft or defacement to your property is unlikely. Additionally, in keeping with the peace and seclusion cherished on the development, no cars are permitted other than the electrically-powered buggies. This helps keep the air unsullied, and ensures that residents and visitors are able to walk safely.

·         Residency – When you purchase a holiday house for sale, you will be given the opportunity to apply for permanent residency for yourself and an additional six relatives. This will allow you to travel in and out of Seychelles as you please.

·         Steady maintenance – It doesn’t matter whether you visit the development periodically, or only for special occasions such as a Seychelles honeymoon. You can rest assured that the property you leave behind will be expertly cared for, with a number of service and maintenance options.

·         Accessible amenities – An immense commercial centre has recently been completed and now caters to a variety of needs. Residents and visitors alike are able to visit a selection of retail outlets, restaurants and boutiques. Plus, it provides for those in search of a salon or a chemist. You can also visit the prestigious Boardwalk and Bravo! restaurants, best known for their seafood cuisine and burgers respectively. You’ll have the opportunity to sample delectable local gourmet meals at both establishments.

Contact Eden Island to find out more about owning valuable Seychelles property and how you can benefit from the amenities and allure of this pristine real estate.

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