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Benefits of Investing in Seychelles

Seychelles is not just a holiday destination, but also an investment opportunity. As the island lifestyle is not restricted by seasonal activities like most tourist locations, many people from around the globe choose to relocate and invest here.

In fact, as these opportunities were only opened up to the international market in the mid 1970’s, by then the Seychellois government had learnt from other tropical locations. Therefore, promoting and selling of property was to be done in accordance with environmentally sound ethos.

Sensible Investing
Considering that this archipelago’s governing body is internationally one of the most environmentally conscious, they aim to keep their tropical paradise away from over-commercialisation.

Therefore, each house that’s built on the island has to be vetted and overseen by an official, to ensure it’s in compliance with the national regulations. As the natural surrounds of Seychelles is their main asset, preserving it is the number one priority. However, to open the market to more foreign investments, the process was streamlined, yet still regulated.

Therefore major property development firms established relations with Seychelles government, to make it easier for foreigners to invest. Now, people from across the globe can own a slice of paradise and benefit from the island life through:
IMG22 Grand Anse

  • Residency – Once you have purchased property, you are immediately approved to become a permanent resident on the island. Therefore setting up your retirement or relocation plans.
  • Hazard free – Aside from underlying ocean creatures, the island itself boasts no malaria or other natural disease carrying insects.
  • Impeccable weather – The average maximum temperature in Seychelles is 29 degrees, all year round. Additionally, it is not near hurricane or monsoon belts.
  • Tax benefits – As Seychelles is politically and economically stable it’s considered a tax haven, therefore, foreign owners can benefit from the low rate and financial secrecy.

A New Life and Adventure Await
Eden Island is built on reclaimed coral reefs, in accordance with the environmentally sound regulations, stipulated by the Seychelles government. And, now that it’s easier to get through the vetting process, sales have boomed over the years as the property demand has steadily increased.

However, it’s not just the desire to own island real estate that draws investors. The development itself offers an array of benefits too, namely:
Aerial view of Eden Island with Mahe in the background IMG 1300

  • Access to private beaches and moorings that can accommodate super yachts
  • Fully furnished and tastefully decorated Apartments, Maisons and Villas
  • Residents only clubhouse, tennis court and children’s facilities
  • Unparalleled views of the Mahé mountain range and crystal blue waters
  • 24 hour security for all properties on the development

Make the right move for yourself by investing in island property in Seychelles. Best of all, Eden Island is soon to open sales for the new and final Basin. Enquire now to receive more information.

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