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Are You Looking For a Villa For Sale in Seychelles?

Invest in a villa for sale in Seychelles, Eden Island provides amazing property in this island paradise. Explore this Indian Ocean archipelago on luxury.

Are you looking for a villa for sale in Seychelles?

Many investors who’ve spent years living and competing within an urban environment – leading hectic and busy lifestyles – consider purchasing a villa for sale in Seychelles. There’s little like all-year sunshine and some of the world’s most spectacular scenery to ensure relaxation and rejuvenation.

One of the main advantages of choosing a Seychelles villa is exploring the various islands without the hassle of abundant tourists flocking to the area. Mostly off the beaten track, the Seychelles offers scenic beauty and peaceful swimming, sunbathing, and walks along beaches and through forests unlike any found in the rest of the world.

The Seychelles enjoys a sub-equatorial climate, with most of the islands that make up the archipelago situated outside the cyclone belt. Considered one of the last unspoilt paradises on earth, almost half of the islands in the Seychelles are protected as national parks and UNESCO world heritage sites. It’s for this reason that luxury development, or development of any kind, is becoming increasingly scarce.

However, there’s good news for those who wish to invest in property for sale in this area as the Eden Island marina residential development has launched a range of exclusive summer villas for sale. Being situated in the Seychelles, Eden Island placed a priority on developing one of the most well-equipped marinas in the area, catering for luxury yachts of up to 100m. All residents are offered a mooring spot, either at the marina or on one of the many beautiful waterways that run around the island.  

Eden Island residential marina development

Eden Island offers investors a chance to experience the benefits of an island lifestyle. All of our exclusive summer villas  are customisable in terms of interior design, furnishings and furniture, reflecting the unique tastes of home owners. Contact us for more information on investing in a villa for sale in Seychelles.


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