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3 Reasons to Buy One of Our Seychelles Apartments

Seychelles apartments on Eden Island are investments that will see good returns, especially if you choose to partake in the development’s rental pool

3 reasons to buy one of our Seychelles apartments

In recent years, Seychelles has expanded its in-bound and out-going flights to several countries. It’s no surprise when noting the archipelago’s ever-growing popularity with tourists from around the world. Now, daily flights from Europe and Africa to these tropical islands feeds a steadily growing tourism industry. This is especially true for travellers looking for splendid natural wonders while being accommodated in luxury Seychelles apartments. This country is admired internationally for its progressive conservation policies, with over half of its geographical land area under protection, making it a true paradise.

For property owners who have real estate in Seychelles, conditions are increasingly favourable for capitalising on this increase in tourists looking for accommodation. Consider Eden Island’s Seychelles apartments. Here, you can invest in a low-maintenance, high-end holiday flat that is maintained and administrated by the Village Management Association and the Rental Pool Company. When you’re not using the property, the development will oversee its leasing to either short or long-term tenants depending on your requirements. Contact us for more information.

Eden Island real estate – a lucrative overseas investment

The Seychelles archipelago offers paradise with the warm, blue waters of the Indian Ocean and soft sandy beaches. It’s no wonder that the luxury property for sale here goes fast.  But why buy a home on Eden Island? This exclusive development offers at least 3 excellent advantages over any other property in Seychelles:

  1. Exclusivity – The property for sale on Eden Island is limited. In total, there are only around 600 units available. This means that whether you’re looking for a holiday home or wanting to resell once the apartment has been built, you can rest assured that your investment is a sound one. Additionally, you know you won’t be buying into a market that could be flooded, lowering the value of your investment. These properties will retain exclusivity for years to come.
  2. Excellent amenities – On the development itself, residents and non-residents will have access to Eden Plaza – a shopping centre with themed restaurants, a supermarket and boutiques. This area offers a retail experience with exquisite views of the Indian Ocean and surrounding islands.

There is also a new Clubhouse that features a deli, swimming pools and a kids’ play area. These face out into the ocean, giving visitors an idyllic setting for a day of relaxation. Additionally, the fitness centre is located here. It features state-of-the-art equipment surrounded by exotic tropical beauty.

  1. Easy access to Mahé – Eden Island is connected to Mahé, the main island of Seychelles by a 300m bridge. This provides residents with a convenient link to the international airport, as well as many local shops and restaurants. Those staying on the development are able to enjoy a unique combination of experiencing the local culture, while living in exquisite luxury accommodation.

Buy one of our Seychelles apartments today, these properties are moving fast and already proving fruitful for investors from around the world.

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