The last thing that you should do while on holiday is bury your nose in an electronic device and miss everything that's happening around you. Part of the travelling experience is getting out there and interacting with locals, trying to get a taste of what life is like in another culture.

If you're unsure of where to start, our dedicated concierge services are a hub of information. They know the best places to eat, visit and explore, designing a unique and authentic island adventure in minutes. As Seychelles is able to satisfy a myriad of interests, you may be surprised by how much choice you have.

Taste the Island
There are several small eateries, fancy diners and fast food outlets, offering you the option of different meals every day:
Your resident concierge can point you in the right direction, or make a booking for you at any of the fine establishments around the island. Therefore, all you need to do it arrive hungry.

Live on the Edge
When it comes to island experiences, you're not going to gain anything from staying in your suite all day. There are adventures available to suit a variety of fitness levels, right outside your Eden Island door. Consider a PADI diving course, a trip on a glass-bottomed boat, hiking to a secluded beach or parasailing to feel the Seychelles wind against your skin.

See for Yourself
From secluded beaches to the biggest seed in the world, this archipelago has been inspiring visitors to return to its shores for decades. By arranging tours with your concierge you'll be able to see as much as possible, such as:
As a luxurious resort, we're no stranger to having guests take it easy on their private beach. However, outside Eden Island, there is a whole new world of sights, sounds and flavours just waiting to be discovered by you. So why not shake things up and speak to your concierge about arranging a tailored trip for you and your companions.