Browse the amazing island apartments on offer in the Seychelles from Eden Island. Explore paradise while living in luxury accommodation.

Island apartments for sale in the Seychelles

Whether you’re considering purchasing a home in the Seychelles for brief visits or are planning to settle in this magnificent archipelago permanently, Eden Island has a range of island apartments offering both luxury and convenient accessibility to the area’s abundant attractions.

From deep-sea diving to paragliding, adrenaline junkies will love the incredible scenery that offsets many of the Seychelles’ exhilarating activities. For those who prefer to lounge alongside turquoise waters while sampling expertly prepared cocktails, these islands will not disappoint with their range of exclusive venues and private beaches.

One of the prime real estate landscapes for exclusivity and privacy in the Seychelles is the phenomenal Eden Island residential marina development. The island boasts proximity to the main island of Mahé and the international airport, as well as a marina that can cater for super yachts of up to 100m in length. There are over 16 hectares of exclusive waterways, a selection of private beaches and walkways, as well as island property for sale.

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Waterfront property with Eden Island

Island apartments in the Seychelles are a valued commodity for property buyers who prefer warm climates in which to relax and enjoy holidays. Eden Island offers buyers a multitude of benefits and choices when it comes to island property for sale:

Privacy is an important part of Eden Island’s design aesthetic in terms of all properties. However, the apartments receive special attention to ensure that no buildings are higher than two storeys and aren’t invasive to neighbouring homeowners, all the while still offering every property incredible views. Invest in one of our exclusive island apartments and enjoy the Seychelles while living in the lap of luxury. Contact Eden Island today for more information.