Imagine having access to private beaches, your own personal mooring, crystal clear waters and panoramic views of majestic mountains. A property development location in Seychelles means that you no longer have to envision these amenities as a dream or fantasy. In fact, the island life that you've always imagined yourself living can now become a reality.

Welcome Home

Eden Island is built on a reclaimed coral reef and has been designed to emulate where paradise and opulent living meet. With Maisons, Villas and Villas available to rent or purchase, settling into a Seychelles way of life is easy.

Maisons is tastefully decorated to reflect the colonial heritage. And, if you're purchasing a place here, you have the choice of three furnishing options. When settling here or visiting for a holiday, you have exclusive access to:
Additionally, the housing development is fully equipped with high-end appliances, air conditioning and views of the spectacular surrounds.

Breath-taking Surrounds

Eden Island is situated just off the coast of Mahé, however it's simply a short boat ride, charter plane or car trip away from the other spectacular attractions here. As a cyclone free-part of the Indian Ocean, visitors and residents have unparalleled accessibility to:
Experience and embrace Seychelles island life by purchasing your place on Eden Island. And, as home owners on the development are automatically eligible to apply for permanent residency, you can live the holiday high life, every day.

Enquire now for rentals and sales, or contact us to arrange a property tour.