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Benefits of Eden Island in Seychelles As a luxury marina property development, Eden Island is more than just a home for some. In fact, since construction started the project alone has created almost 1,000 jobs for Seychellois locals and contributed about 40% of foreign direct investment. 

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Eden Island Life Imagine having access to private beaches, your own personal mooring, crystal clear waters and panoramic views of majestic mountains. A property development location in Seychelles means that you no longer have to envision these amenities as a dream or fantasy. In fact, the island life that you've always imagined yourself living can now become a reality.

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A Decade of Elegance and Luxury What once was a dead coral reef off the coast of Mahé has since been transformed into an opulent setting. Now, a decade later, Eden Island is a luxurious, sought after location that people call home. The progression of this endeavour over 10 years has built not only accommodation but also tourism and economic opportunities.
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Eden Island is a residential marina located in the heart of the Seychelles Islands just off Mahè Island. Eden Island offers accessibility and privacy to those who wish to invest in luxury property. Each property comes with a private mooring and with 16 hectares of private waterways, every property on Eden Island has easy water access. There are three investment categories to choose from and they include Apartments, Maisons and Villas. These properties are also highly desirable accommodation for the holiday rental market.

Taking 'atvantage' of great project management and planning teamwork

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