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Buy Seychelles Villas from Eden Island for Luxury Property

Purchasing Seychelles villas that showcase premium design and luxury facilities is easy with Eden Island. Read further to find out more about the specifications of the villas along with the colour palette options that will  math your personality.

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Purchase a Villa in the Exotic Seychelles

Own an extraordinary villa with a swimming pool on one of the most highly sought after and exotic Seychelles destinations: Eden Island residential marina development.

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Own a Villa That Displays Your Unique Personality

Purchase a holiday villa from Eden Island residential marina development, and enjoy the best of Seychelles while living in a luxurious home that showcases your personality.

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Luxury apartments for sale in the Seychelles are available from Eden Island; Explore an exotic paradise while enjoying prime real estate. Discover the destinations that the Seychelles archipelago has to offer.

Live and Play in the Seychelles With an Eden Island Villa

Own a spectacular villa on Eden Island and you'll soon realise why so many people relocate and become permanent residents of the Seychelles.

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Island Apartments For Sale in the Seychelles

Browse the amazing island apartments on offer in the Seychelles from Eden Island. Explore paradise while living in luxury accommodation.

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Holiday Apartments Available from Eden Island

Holiday apartments available from Eden Island in the Seychelles; own exclusive luxury and enjoy the island lifestyle with prime real estate. Read further to find out more about the Eden Island apartment specifications and palette options

Seychelles Villas That Reflect Your Design Aesthetic

The Seychelles villas available on Eden Island can be built to match your individual tastes by using our luxurious range of design options.

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3 Reasons to Buy One of Our Seychelles Apartments

Seychelles apartments on Eden Island are investments that will see good returns, especially if you choose to partake in the development's rental pool

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Buying Island Properties for Sale in Seychelles

Finding island properties for sale in Seychelles has become far easier with Eden Island. Own a home in a protected paradise.